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Vision & Values

Our Mission

To enable every girl to be the best she can be throughout her life.

Our Values

The following values guide every part of Wilderness School's culture, relationships, teaching and learning programs and practices. At Wilderness School we promote, enable and nurture:


Respectful Relationships

compassionate, kind, friendly and hospitable girls who form and maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships

Responsible Citizenship

responsible, respectful and generous global citizens and leaders, who act with integrity for a socially just world and a sustainable future for the Earth

Adventurous Learning

creative, independent and cooperative learners who seek excellence and success

A True and Courageous Self

resilient, vibrant and spiritually aware girls, confident in themselves and appreciative of others


Wilderness is not only an exceptional School, but also an extended family - a place where girls are inspired, supported and encouraged to achieve and be their very best.

Catrin Bannister, President of the SRC 2015



Strategic Plan

An exceptional education doesn’t happen by accident, and nor do outstanding pupil achievements.

Since 1884, Wilderness School has prepared girls to be adventurous, courageous, responsible and respectful learners and leaders. The legacy of our Founders, the Misses Browns, continues today and is a rich and integral part of our School culture, yet much of the world has changed and continues to change. It is important that whilst cherishing and honouring our past, we look to the future.

We know that it is a privilege and a responsibility to educate the girls in our care. We believe that each girl is entitled to an education that equips her with the knowledge, skills and values needed to embrace the opportunities and challenges she will encounter in her personal and professional life.

We are passionate and resolute about providing a rich and challenging learning environment that fulfils our Mission: To enable each girl to be the best she can be throughout her life.

With this in mind, I am delighted to share with you our Strategic Plan for 2020-2022. These strategic priorities will guide us in achieving our vision for our girls. We look forward to sharing the journey.


Strategic Plan 2020-2022