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We are Wildy

Wilderness is many things to many girls, a place of enormous possibilities for each and every girl no matter their passion. It is a place where girls find inspirational role models, and are encouraged to show their genuine selves within a school community filled with kindness, friendship, and respect.

A rich education is more than high grades. It is filled with opportunities for girls to learn to stand on their own, to be resilient, adventurous and curious about the world around them. A Wilderness girl is a courageous girl with big ideas and big dreams.

The Wilderness School community is generous, compassionate and keenly aware of the world around them. It is a safe place for girls to take risks, to step out of their comfort zones and test their inner strengths. It is also a place where teachers will find the best learning style to suit each girl and their own developmental needs. In the words of Bella, Wilderness is "awesome".