A vital aspect of nurturing the minds and imaginations of Wilderness students is providing them with opportunities to experience the world around them. Girls are invited to participate in a number of overseas tours. These include Music Tours, Community Service Tours, Sporting Tours and Language Tours with a cross-curriculum focus on history, language and culture. Looking beyond the walls of our school brings many benefits to the students.

Our girls can practise the foreign language they have learned and experience the culture first hand. Our girls learn that they are citizens of the world. The international affiliations give all involved new educational experiences and forge new friendships.

The overseas trips are designed to enrich students' life experiences.


China Tour Students learn about and practise the language in real contexts while gaining an understanding of the Chinese culture and history. This tour occurs every 3 years.
Nepal Tour This includes trekking and a visit to the Bhadure School. 
Music Tour Occurs every 2 – 3 years and takes in a variety of UK and European countries as well as the USA and/or Canada.
Ski Tour A ski tour will be offered every 2-3 years