Moving away from home for education is a difficult and important decision and there is much to consider, so the choice of school is vital. You need to be confident the school will provide an environment that is warm, welcoming, safe, understanding and conducive to effective learning.

The Staff at Wilderness feel privileged when a family entrusts us with the dual responsibility of nurturing their daughter. We provide an environment where the girls are involved, challenged, well cared for and where they are given every opportunity to develop their independence and confidence.

Boarders have always been valued members of the Wilderness community. In the early days of the School, girls lived with the Brown family in their home. Today that family atmosphere is still apparent in the Boarding House. Located on the school's campus, girls living in the Boarding House say it is "the next best place to home".

Being a boarder at Wilderness adds another dimension to the school experience with friendships from the Boarding House often lasting a lifetime.



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Join our Head of Boarding Rosie Broderick and Director of Communications and Marketing April Ridgway to learn about boarding at Wilderness School. 

Thursday 29 October, 4pm to 6pm

Thursday 5 November, 4pm to 6pm

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Our Philosophy

We start from a perspective of trust, understanding and respect to develop an environment where girls can flourish and develop their natural independence, self-reliance and self-efficacy. The emphasis is on developing the three c's; confidence, connectedness and competence.

Our Family

The girls are encouraged to invite friends and family members to stay or drop in for dinner. Flexible leave arrangements ensure that close family and friendship ties are maintained while girls are living away from home.

Our Home

A combination of heritage buildings and purpose built contemporary accommodation provides girls with excellent study, computing, and recreational and dining facilities. There is a well-organised routine to enable girls to balance their commitments to study, sport and leisure activities.

A Day in the Life

A school day sees the girls rise to their own morning schedule. Some girls choose to have breakfast in their PJs others dress and shower and leave for school from the dining room. The girls take recess with them and return to the Boarding House for a smorgasbord lunch.


Wilderness School is recognised as one of the top ten schools in Australia and the number one Private Secondary School in South Australia. We educate girls from Early Learning to Year 12.


The following Q&As have been formulated to help new parents answer some of the questions they may have about boarding.