What if I became a boarder?

A school day sees the girls rise to their own morning schedule. Some girls choose to have breakfast in their PJs others dress and shower and leave for school from the dining room. The girls take recess with them and return to the Boarding House for a smorgasbord lunch. Winter lunches with the 'hot' option are popular with the girls. Girls return to the Boarding House after school unless they have sport, music, drama or other co-curricular commitments. Girls have time to unwind until 6pm when they meet for dinner. After dinner the senior girls retire to their rooms to do homework until 8.30pm. The Year 7 – 9 boarders watch the 7pm news and then do homework from 7.30pm – 8.30pm. Tutors support the girls during homework time. Bedtimes vary depending on the age of the boarder.

Boarders have many opportunities to contribute ideas and participate in the organisational matters of the Boarding House. There are many leadership roles that distribute responsibilities to the girls. Regular family meetings provide all boarders with the opportunity to express their ideas and opinions.

Girls are encouraged to keep busy on weekends by playing sport and being involved in activities arranged by the Boarding House. Life as a boarder can be quite social with many formal and informal activities arranged for boarders such as visits to the theatre, AFL matches, ice-skating, surfing, netball matches against our neighbouring boys schools and interschool dinners and socials.

Rules are kept to a minimum but those we have in place are for the explicit safety and wellbeing of all girls. There is an expectation that these are respected.

The boarders are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions on their journey to becoming kind, independent and resilient women. Our priority is to recognise and understand the needs, interests and personality of each girl in a safe, friendly environment allowing for the progressive development of her independence and confidence.