Wilderness extends far beyond the gates of our campus. One of the great strengths of Wilderness is the tangible sense of community at every level of the school that enable us to instill a sense of belonging, acceptance and united purpose.

The Wilderness community is a dynamic blend of current students and their parents, past parents, past and current staff and many past students who have passed through the school since 1884. These groups exist to support the prosperity of Wilderness.

In recent times there has been increasing research into the role that a collaborative school-community relationship plays in building individual and whole school health and wellbeing. It is clear that effective parent involvement in schools is a critical factor in students' success and in transforming schools into powerful communities.

This interaction outside the classroom between staff, past and present students and their families creates a positive family atmosphere and is the essence of Wilderness School's vitality, spirit and growth.


Parents & Friends

Welcome to the Wilderness Parents and Friends Association. As a parent with a daughter at Wilderness, you are automatically a member of our community and we would love you to be involved.

Old Scholars' Association

We range in age from a youthful 18 years to the ripe old age of 100 plus. Old Scholars' are represented in a vast range of occupations and professions and between us we have had adventures and life experiences too numerous to count.


Philanthropy is a very important part of the history and culture of Wilderness School. The school's founders, the Brown sisters, always encouraged students and their families to give back to the community – a proud tradition that continues today. In 1985, the Wilderness School Foundation was founded.


There are many opportunities for engagement and to connect with the community at Wilderness.