The Browns had always encouraged former students to return to the school whenever they wished, but by 1927 it was becoming difficult for them to keep in touch with so many girls and the Old Scholars' Association was founded.

In 1937 it was decided to organise an annual Old Scholars' Week, beginning with a Garden Party, an afternoon tea party for mothers and young children, a bridge and table tennis evening at school, a tennis afternoon and a dinner. This tradition continued for more than 20 years.

Since then the events may have changed but the objective has always remained the same – to create a strong sense of community and an ongoing connectedness with Wilderness.


Today the Old Scholars' Association has over 4,000 members who together create a vibrant network of women. Whilst many of us still call Adelaide home, as a group we span the globe. We range in age from a youthful 18 years to the ripe old age of 100 plus. Old Scholars' are represented in a vast range of occupations and professions and between us we have had adventures and life experiences too numerous to count.

The Association is managed by a committee of between 7 and 20 old scholars who volunteer their time to build a sense of community, fundraise, and manage the day to day requirements of the Association. In addition the committee is supported by the Old Scholars Liaison Officer, Booie Hayward, herself an old scholar  who lives and breathes all things Wildy!

So between local, interstate and overseas reunions, morning teas, lunches, annual dinners, grandmothers and grand-daughters day, a Quiz Night and Golf Day we manage to stay in touch with hundreds of old scholars each year face to face.

The Association is also responsible for providing an annual scholarship for the daughter or granddaughter of a financial Old Scholar and donates money to the Wilderness School Foundation.

Old Scholars' Association Current Committee


President Jacki Smith (1978)
Vice President Pooja Newman (Goel 1995)
Secretary Millie Shinkfield (2018)
Treasurer Jaimee Lee Charlton (2002)
Subscriptions Officer Danielle White (Caruso 1995)
Old Scholars' Liaison Officer Emma Bishop (Gurling 1999)


Lorraine Gormly (Irving 1957)
Melissa Larkin (Rainsford 1995)
Evie Whittaker (Kotses 2001)
Millie Shinkfield (2012)
Jane Lee (1970)

The Annual General Meeting of the Association is held in March each year. All members of the Association are welcome to attend and we encourage anyone interested in joining the committee to nominate at this time.

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If you need to let us know of any changes to your personal details please submit a Update Details form or contact the Old Scholars' Liaison Officer directly.

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