At Wilderness Junior School, we believe that optimal learning for young girls occurs in an environment which is stimulating, supportive and challenging, where girls are resilient and collaborate well with others. Our curriculum, including implementation of the emerging Australian Curriculum, prepares our girls to be productive citizens in a changing society through active inquiry, authentic problem solving and critical and creative thinking.

The core curriculum is enriched by specialist teachers in Art, Drama, French, Information and Communication Technology, Inquiry Based Learning, Library, Technology, Music and Physical Education. Our wide range of curricular opportunities enables girls to reach their potential academically, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually.

Curriculum & Subjects

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Personalised Learning

Personalised Learning is a major focus for staff at Wilderness Junior School. It ensures that each girl's specific needs are met through the delivery of high quality educational programs. Teachers tap into the uniqueness of each learner by catering to different learning styles and using varied curriculum techniques and instruction. This differentiated curriculum is continually researched, implemented and evaluated for its impact on student outcomes.

Individual Learning Targets are developed for each girl in the core areas of Literacy and Numeracy. It is our belief that powerful learning occurs when a student's individual needs, interests and abilities are acknowledged and catered for within a respectful and supportive environment. All girls work towards achieving specific targets, which are continually appraised and reflected upon.

Our Individual Learning Targets pinpoint specific areas of need for those students requiring acceleration and support programs. In addition, students, teachers and parents work in partnership with Learning Support and Gifted Curriculum specialist staff to develop Individual Learning Plans and programs for students.

Thinking & Learning

Our strong commitment to developing our students' capacity to understand themselves as learners is evident through our rigorous Thinking and Learning Curriculum. This program runs parallel to, and is embedded within, the core curriculum from the first year of schooling. By providing a strong thinking and learning focus we equip girls with the skills to enable them to think for themselves, be self initiating, self modifying and self directing. Wilderness Junior School curriculum provides individuals with the knowledge, problem solving skills, cognitive processes, intellectual dispositions and habits of mind necessary to engage in lifelong learning. Core elements of our program include a Questioning and Thinking Skills Curriculum, Philosophy for all year levels and an in depth study of the Habits of Mind.

Students at Wilderness Junior School are encouraged to exhibit our school Values; Adventurous Learning, Responsible Citizenship, Respectful Relationships and a True and Courageous Self.


In the Wilderness Junior School we believe that all students have the right and opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership skills. Our Junior School's leadership program offers a wide range of positions of responsibility to maximise student participation in School decision making. These include a House Captain system, Year Level Representatives and members of the Junior School Representative Council (JSRC) including:

Active for Life Representative and Committee Community Care Representative and Committee Environment Representative and Committee


Girls are encouraged to take an active role in the leadership of their School and work strategically with the Student Representative Council (SRC) in the Senior School and the Head of the Junior School. Student leadership elections link strongly with learning about citizenship and the processes involved in a democracy. All Junior School girls are involved in the election process.

Wilderness Junior School is one of a select group of Schools which forms part of the Eastern Schools Leadership Group, providing student leaders with opportunities to work collegially with student leaders from other independent schools.

  • Peer Support Representative and Committee
  • Student Foundation Representative and Committee
  • Library Representative and Committee
  • ICT Representative and Committee
Outdoor Education

The four values of Wilderness School underpin the learning experiences of Outdoor Education.

Adventurous Learning
Outdoor Education provides girls the chance to demonstrate real world application of their learning. It encourages them to take responsible risks and be resourceful with in their environment in order to pursue success. Independence is fostered by girls taking responsibility for their actions and being involved in all aspects of camp life.

Responsible Citizenship
Outdoor Education plays a large role in building an appreciation for the natural environment in our girls and addressing the need for its conservation. Camps introduce them to big subject matters such as the sustainability of our world, Indigenous culture and environmental issues preparing them to be agents of change.

Respectful Relationships
The value Wilderness places on Respectful Relationships is intrinsic to the philosophy embedded throughout Outdoor Education of team work, group cohesion, and relationship building. The girls build and strengthen relationships with peers and adults and their interpersonal and social skills are positively impacted.

True and Courageous Self
Outdoor Education builds girls’ character by offering them the opportunity to persevere through challenges, be resilient, develop grit and confidence, and enhance their wellbeing in a safe and supportive environment.

 Year 2 

Environment: Adelaide Zoo
Duration: Over night
Learning Experiences:

Night walk
Animal close-up
Behind the scenes feeding
Reflection Journal 

 Year 3 

Environment: Aldinga
Duration: 3 days
Learning Experiences:

Kaurna Culture - Artefacts, Bush tucker walk, Cooking, Dreaming Stories and Art,
Environmental Exploration - Coastal and Scrub, 
Reflection Journal

 Year 4 

Environment: Crawford
Duration: 3 days
Learning Experiences:

Bird Banding & Conservation
Jacks Point Pelican Breeding Site
Paddock to Plate – Farm Tour and Cooking Activity
Ngarrindjeri Culture – Song & Dance and Bush tucker
Environmental Exploration
Camp Craft – Sleeping in Tents
Reflection Journal

 Year 5 

Environment: Wirraway
Duration: 3 days
Learning Experiences:

Horse riding & Horse Grooming 
Rock climbing
Low Reopes Commando Course
Sheep Herding
Bushwalking and Bush survival skills
Indoor and Outdoor games
Reflection Journal 

 Year 6 

Environment: Canberra
Duration: 5 days
Learning Experiences:

Parliament House
Government House
Royal Australian Mint Tour
War Memorial
Electoral Education Centre
National Museum
National Gallery of Australia
CSIRO Discovery Centre
National Zoo & Aquarium