Our School

Welcome to our school.

Located in the heart of North Adelaide, Wilderness School provides our girls with an empowering environment that encourages them to be the best they can be.

With beautiful buildings both modern and historic, our educational facilities inspire a joy in learning, a willingness to take risks and stimulate students to discover by doing.

We offer access to specialised learning spaces for all ages including our world-class purpose-built science laboratories and theatre. Featuring modern performance technology, tiered seating and downstairs professional dressing rooms, our girls enjoy our national reputation for drama.

Our comprehensive music facility offers students collaborative spaces as well as a number of individual music suites designed with optimum acoustics for each instrument and/or group rehearsing within.

Completed at the start of 2020 our state-of-the-art Learning Commons is a place intended to inspire, shape and change the way in which our girls learn while enabling creation in every form. Meticulously designed, it is a beautiful environment and home to our new Maker-space, Chrysalis, School Library, Fireplace, Year 12 Common Room and Multimedia Studio.

The Boarding House

Conveniently located on campus, the domestic feel of the School carries through to the boarding facilities.

Our Boarding House is a combination of heritage buildings and purpose-built contemporary accommodation which provides girls with excellent study, computing, recreational and dining facilities. Catering to both our day and boarding girls, our on-campus Café supplies fresh and tasty lunch box treats of a high quality at reasonable prices.

The Parklands

The Parklands located across Robe Terrace, form a central part of our girls’ sporting life.

Home to both tennis and netball courts as well as soccer pitches, the large green space is used by students for Physical Education lessons and co-curricular Sport.

Crawford Campus

We are fortunate to be able to educate beyond the classroom at our Crawford campus on the Coorong.

With close proximity to the magnificent sand dunes of the Younghusband Peninsula and home to a vast wetland ecosystem, our Crawford campus provides our girls with unique and dynamic learning experiences that reach beyond the physical confines of the classroom.

Crawford is an extension of the school campus, an extension of the Wilderness experience and one which girls and families cherish. We are the only South Australian girls’ school to host a remote facility and all girls benefit from this wonderful addition to our school.

In 2011 Wilderness was bequeathed a generous gift from Old Scholar, Diana Crawford. This donation enabled the School to purchase a 17-hectare outdoor learning precinct on the Coorong and, as a lasting tribute to Diana, the property has affectionately been known as “Crawford” ever since.

Crawford is a generous expanse of land comprising buildings and cabins nestled among the natural environment on the Coorong, which is approximately two hours' drive from Adelaide. The property features a unique and beautiful setting and offers opportunities for environmental and outdoor education activities for our girls. Not only does Crawford provide an exceptional educational resource that’s leveraged through our curriculum, it also gives every Wilderness girl the opportunity to experience and learn about this unique part of our South Australian heritage and stunning coastal landscape.

The property offers infinite ‘learning for life’ opportunities ranging from expeditionary day trips, water sport activities and camps for students across almost every year level.

Crawford is a place where cherished memories are made and unforgettable experiences enjoyed by every girl who attends Wilderness. It’s where lifelong friendships are forged through challenges designed to build resilience and independence.

The Coorong National Park is a wetland of international significance and an important archaeological site, having enormous cultural significance to the Ngarrindjeri people. The distinctive landscape is a key breeding area for the Australian pelican and is a refuge for ducks, swans, cormorants, terns, grebes and numerous species of migratory birds. Our girls are also deeply involved in a revegetation program cultivating several varieties of endangered flora native to the area.