Principal’s Welcome

Since 1884 Wilderness has been steadfast in providing an education that prepares each girl for the challenges and choices she will face as a woman and global citizen of the future.

At Wilderness, she will.

Welcome to Wilderness School. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to our beautiful school.

At Wilderness, we are committed to enabling each girl to be the best that she can be during her years with us and beyond throughout the exceptional life we hope she will lead.

We have created a learning environment that celebrates each girl’s adventurous spirit and calls her to be true and courageous in her learning. Here, she will discover the importance of respectful relationships and responsible citizenship, and emerge as an aware, independent and resilient woman, capable of embracing life’s opportunities and unknowns.

We believe a Wilderness education is as much about the formation of each girl’s character as it is about the acquisition of knowledge and skills. We want to inspire in every girl a joy of learning, a willingness to take risks, and a belief in her own power to make a difference wherever she chooses to live and work.

From Early Learning to Year 12, dedicated and progressive educators see each girl for who she truly is and guide her learning journey. With their support her potential is boundless. Here, we teach her to be a great learner, to think critically, ask questions and to innovate, empowering her to pursue her passions, interests and aspirations.

We are proud to be a world leader in girls’ education, where no subject is gendered, every profession can be considered - and female role models abound. Our evidence-based learning framework articulates our shared vision of the learning entitlement for each girl through high-quality teaching and high-quality learning outcomes.

As each girl grows, so does her understanding of the world, its challenges and possibilities. She will mature into a compassionate friend to her peers, an esteemed member of her community and a responsible global citizen, like generations before and after her.

She will graduate with the confidence and desire to live honestly, care deeply and treat others with kindness - 'Bold enough to use her voice, brave enough to listen to her heart and strong enough to create a life of purpose and meaning.'

This is the lifelong imprint left by Wilderness School, and the underpinning of her extraordinary future.

Belinda Arnfield