Strategic Direction

An exceptional education doesn’t happen by accident and nor do outstanding pupil achievements.

'We founded this school with the strong belief in the need for unlimited kindness in relationships, joy in learning and academic adventure, a spirt of humility and the balance between seeking individual excellence and success and generous service to the community.’ Miss Margaret Brown

Since 1884, Wilderness School has prepared girls to be adventurous, courageous, responsible and respectful learners and leaders. The legacy of our Founders, the Misses Brown, continues today and is a rich and integral part of our School culture, yet much of the world has changed and continues to change. It is important that whilst cherishing and honouring our past, we look to the future.

We know that it is a privilege and a responsibility to educate the girls in our care. We believe that each girl is entitled to an education that equips her with the knowledge, skills and values needed to embrace the opportunities and challenges she will encounter in her personal and professional life.

With this in mind, we are delighted to share with you the strategic priorities that will guide us in achieving our vision for our girls. We look forward to sharing the journey.

Girl Focused

By optimising the distinctive advantage of an all girls’ education, we will build the capacity of each student to lead and have agency in her personal and professional life.

By implementing the Wilderness School Learning that Matters Framework, we will equip each girl to leverage opportunities and face challenges with agility and resilience.

By delivering a dynamic and rigorous curriculum, we will maximise student growth and achievement.

Centre of Innovation and Excellence

By designing and delivering high quality professional learning, we will enrich our teachers’ capacity to apply deep pedagogical and disciplinary knowledge in flexible and innovative ways.

By collaborating with national and global experts, we will contribute to and integrate the world’s best research about how girls learn and thrive.

By cultivating leadership capacity, we will empower our leaders of learning.

A Thriving and Connected Community

By celebrating school life, we will foster a sense of belonging within our diverse and dynamic community.

By delivering customised, timely and relevant communications, we will enable new and existing relationships to flourish.

By cultivating a culture of philanthropy, we will grow our endowment to ensure financial stability, opportunity and intergenerational equity.


By managing the school’s resources prudently, we will remain a financially viable and competitive education provider.

By attracting, developing and retaining outstanding staff, we will continue to be a leading girls’ school.

By developing and managing high quality, flexible facilities and infrastructure, we will be able to achieve our strategic priorities.


We are very proud of the work of students and staff at Wilderness School and have pleasure in sharing our School Performance Reports with you.

The below reports are provided in accordance with Commonwealth Government accountability requirements under the Schools Assistance Act 2008. The reports complement and are supplementary to information provided on an ongoing basis in newsletters, yearbooks and other regular communications and highlights the positive outcomes achieved at Wilderness on a daily basis.

2022 Accountability Report
2021 Accountability Report
2020 Accountability Report