Student Wellbeing

To enable each girl to be the best that she can be throughout her life

At Wilderness School we believe that the wellbeing of each girl is vital for her personal and academic success. This is central to the School’s mission: 'To enable each girl to be the best that she can be throughout her life'.

We understand the complex world of our girls’ personal lives and that their future landscape is ever changing. We therefore seek to equip and empower them with the necessary agility to thrive and lead a life that has meaning and purpose.

We respect that each girl has unique qualities and we help them to build upon these in a safe environment. By developing their individual potential, our girls become creative, independent and collaborative learners who are seekers of excellence and success.

Underpinned by our belief in unlimited kindness, we further develop each girl's understanding of not only who she is, but the role she can play as a responsible, respectful and generous global citizen and leader.

Central to this is Artemis, a key Wilderness learning entitlement for girls that provides each girl with the opportunity to focus on increasing her social and emotional skills.

Here, she will develop the life worthy skills a woman will need in order to form and maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships long after she graduates from Wilderness.

Pastoral care

We are committed to providing the best pastoral care for all of our students. In a nurturing environment, we ensure every girl has the support she needs for her physical and emotional wellbeing.

One of the special aspects of a Wilderness education is the sense of belonging that each girl experiences. We are a community in which unlimited kindness and respectful relationships are the foundation of our School and the uniqueness of each individual girl is embraced and celebrated.

In the Junior School the pastoral care of the girls is provided and nurtured by their class teacher and Head of School. Upon entering the Middle and Senior School, each girl becomes part of a ‘House’.

Often described as their family at School, the House provides each girl with the social, emotional and educational support she needs to grow and develop into her true self. It is a place where each girl feels safe, heard and valued.

We are committed to encouraging girls to grow and develop outside of the classroom and provide them with the opportunity to build relationships and connect with other students across various year levels. Together, they participate in regular meetings and a range of activities and events including the Buddy System, sports and fundraising initiatives.

Our Heads of House work closely with the Heads of School and Form teachers to ensure that each girl grows her self-esteem, confidence and resilience and feels a sense of connection to the School and the Wilderness community. Here, she feels known and she belongs.

This is also supported by our School Counsellors who are available for additional assistance that girls and families might require throughout their time at Wilderness.