We are committed to providing students with future focused learning and state of the art technology

Technology is deeply embedded in the way our students learn and how our teachers approach their practice.

Throughout their learning journey girls are encouraged to use a range of devices, including both iPads and laptops which are supported across the School by the latest available wireless technology.

With access to the full suite of Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud software applications, students are able to further develop their skills and express their learning in different ways.

To ensure our students online activities are as safe and productive, duty of care is provided by industry leading anti-virus, web traffic content filtering and daily online safeguarding and wellbeing reports.

Each classroom features industry leading WebEx interactive touch and video conferencing enabled display screens and interactive HD projectors.

Our commitment to providing students with future focused learning and state of the art technology has seen our Makerspace flourish. Staff have been highly trained in high-tech creative tools such as 3D printing, laser cutting and sewing to maximise cross-curricular learning opportunities.

The new Chrysalis, located on the third floor of the Learning Commons incorporates two HD laser projectors, robotically mounted into the ceiling and multiple digitally enabled breakout areas, all centrally managed by touchscreen panels. This high-tech space promotes the flexibility in learning that students need in a collaborative and future focused environment while encouraging them to think differently and display their hard-wrought work in expectational, industry-elevated detail.

Students and staff are further supported with all facets of technology through The Hive, our onsite, walk-in support service.