The atmosphere in every classroom at Wilderness School is positive, supportive and challenges each girl to achieve her best. Our aim is to foster a love of learning in our students so that they will be able to become independent learners who are confident, creative problem solvers and decision makers.

In order to do this we use a variety of sound educational approaches such as Reggio Emilia in our Early Years program, our Thinking and Learning curriculum that caters for all girls R-12 and our Resilience curriculum that is designed to promote optimism and courage in the face of adversity.

From Reception to Year 12, we cater for the cognitive and affective needs of gifted and talented students. Support staff work with girls, individually and in small groups, to help them address challenges in their learning. We are committed to providing the best education for each of our students, enabling them to follow their chosen careers.

The Staff at Wilderness feel privileged when a family entrusts us with the dual responsibility of nurturing their daughter. We provide an environment where the girls are involved, challenged, well cared for and where they are given every opportunity to develop their independence and confidence.

Early Learning Centre

Our newly developed Early Mamie Program allows those children who turn three in the second half of the year to begin their Wilderness journey through attending one morning a week. This opportunity provides these early learners with a comprehensive transitional program of up to six months prior to entering the Mamie Brown House.

Junior School

At Wilderness Junior School, we believe that optimal learning for young girls occurs in an environment which is stimulating, supportive and challenging, where girls are resilient and collaborate well with others.

Middle School

Girls make the transition to Middle School when they move into Year 7. By the time they have entered Year 8, they will have laid down strong foundations for future learning and begun to make some subject choices of their own.

Senior School

In the Senior School we aim to prepare girls for successful participation in a society in which knowledge is a key resource and in an economy which is becoming increasingly globalised.


At Wilderness, we are committed to offering opportunities to all students in order to prepare them for their education, career pathways and future life.


At Wilderness School we believe that the wellbeing of each girl is vital for her personal and academic success. This is central to the school’s mission “To enable each girl to be the best that she can be throughout her life”.