Learning at Wilderness

The most important thing we teach girls is a love of learning.
Academic Success

At Wilderness, we are proud of our students and their long-standing record of achievement.

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Wilderness School invites children aged 0 - 3 to attend Playgroup with a parent/caregiver in our Early Learning Centre every Friday during the School term from 9.00am-11.00am

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Early Learning

Our Early Learning Centre offers a stimulating and nurturing setting where our three and four-year-old girls can experience the highest quality care and education.

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Junior School

In the Wilderness Junior School, we believe that optimal learning and development for each girl occurs through the delivery of a rigorous, dynamic and responsive curriculum in an environment that is supportive and grounded in unlimited kindness.

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Middle School

Girls make the transition to Middle School when they move into Year 7. Throughout their Middle School years, girls build strong foundations for future learning. They engage in a breadth of experiences, preparing them well for the opportunities that lie ahead.

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Senior School

In the Senior School, our goal is to equip girls with knowledge, skills, and values that allow them to participate with confidence in a changing global economy.

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Student Leadership

We aim to build leadership capability that is congruent with the feminist principle of political, social, legal, cultural and economic equality for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity or class.

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Student Wellbeing

Focusing on the ‘whole girl’, our goal is for students to learn and apply the necessary life skills to help them develop their true self.

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Student Experiences

A globally conscious student is a one who can investigate the world, weigh perspectives, communicate effectively with diverse audiences, and take action.

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Girls are encouraged to strive for their personal best in their study and in many other activities available to them.

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