Academic Success

At Wilderness, we are proud of our students and their long-standing record of achievement.

We are delighted to share with you the 2023 results.

Once again, our students have achieved excellent results. There were 106 girls who applied for the ATAR this year. Of the cohort, 68% were placed in the top 10%, with 44% in the top 5% and 20% in the top 1% of Year 12 students nationally. The median ATAR achieved was 93.6.

The position of Dux is shared by Devika Mukherjee and Allegra Kleinig, who attained an ATAR of 99.95.

Chenuli Basnayake, Jessica Craig and Devika Mukherjee have also been selected for the highest accolade of the SACE, The Governor of South Australia Commendation Excellence Award, which recognises overall excellence in the SACE. The Governor of South Australia will present Chenuli, Jessica and Devika with their awards as part of the formal SACE Merit Ceremony early in 2024.

We are pleased to advise that Devika Mukherjee achieved six merits and Chenuli Basnayake five merits.

Aisha Alkhazrajy, Chenuli Basnayake, Georgia Brown, Mia Cardone, Jessica Craig, Lily Craig, Georgina Gross, Rashi Gupta, Siena Heffernan-Lucic, Zara Hoadley, Allegra Kleinig, Ava Lange, Eva Leathart, Brianna Maddison, Devika Mukherjee, Molly Simpson, Charlotte Thomas, Ashley Tran, Nicole Webb, Linda Xie and Jennifer Zhao all gained an ATAR of 99 or more.

Samra Ahmed, Layal Al-Ashwal, Aisha Alkhazrajy, Alaya Aquino, Evie Basham, Chenuli Basnayake, Georgia Brown, Arabella Browning, Mia Cardone, Sonakshi Cooray, Jessica Craig, Alice Crompton, Stephanie Davidson, Arabella Day, An Do, Chelsea Downing, Annabel Duncan, Madeleine Ellis, Zara Emery, Maddison Equid, Amelia Gosse, Georgina Gross, Rashi Gupta, Wateen Hamdan, Sasha Hardin, Suzain Hassan, Siena Heffernan Lucic, Mia Heywood-Smith, Zara Hoadley, Thisagi Jayasekera, Claudia John, Nidhi Karachur, Allegra Kleinig, Ava Lange, Jemima Langley, Eva Leathart, Anna McAuliffe, Sorcha McGrath, Sophia Michael, Demi Moutos, Nawal Muhammad Tajdar, Devika Mukherjee, Rose Newman, Livia Podreka, Liliana Pourgiezis, Janudi Premadasa, Mim Rahaman, Joanna Robinson, Matilda Ryan, Anastacia Sampson-Ly, Molly Simpson, Sophia Tayeb, Charlotte Thomas, Jessica Truman, Elena Tsamaidis, Nicole Webb, Linda Xie, Lisa Xie, Fengfan Zhang, Jennifer Zhao and Chloe Zhao all gained one or more merits.

There were 81 merit listings in:

Activating Identities and Futures
Business Innovation
English Literary Studies
General Mathematics
Industry and Entrepreneurial Solutions
Information Processing and Publishing
Legal Studies
Mathematical Methods
Physical Education
Research Project B
Specialist Mathematics
Workplace Practices.

    These are wonderful results and our students can be justifiably proud, as can their teachers.

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