Global Alliances

At Wilderness we promote sharing, innovation and evidence-based decision making.

By collaborating with national and global experts, we contribute to and integrate the world’s best research about how girls learn and thrive.

Wilderness enjoys a strong position as a thought leader on how girls learn best and through strategic research alliances with outstanding schools and universities, nationally and internationally, we are able to work towards implementing a world class learning framework for girls.

In preparing our students to live and work globally, these long standing partnerships offer rich opportunities for our girls to collaborate with other students around the world.

Round Square

Wilderness is one of approximately 200 like-minded schools across 50 countries which collaborate to offer world-class programs and experiences, developing global competence, character and confidence in our students.

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Harvard Project Zero

Wilderness has formally worked with Project Zero since 2014, although our informal connection with their work began in the early years of the twenty first century when Wilderness teachers engaged with the Visible Thinking project.

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Alliance of Girls' Schools

The Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia is a leading voice for the advancement of girls’ education.

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Girl Up

Girl Up helps girls access their inner power to advance the skills, rights and opportunities of girls everywhere around the world.

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Sony Foundation Camp

The Sony Foundation Camp is a unique respite program that aims to improve the wellbeing of children with special needs through positive experiences and collaboration with young people.

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Learning Leaders

At Wilderness School, the daily review of lessons and learning experiences, in the light of their impact on the girls’ learning, is part of the daily experience of being a professional educator.

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Industry Partnerships

At Wilderness we inspire purpose and engagement in the learning experiences of each girl by collaborating with global experts.

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Raising Amazing Girls

Growing up is not always easy and childhood and adolescence are made more challenging by the many influences that abound in an increasingly complex social and digital world.

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