Student Leadership

Being an effective leader requires students to develop qualities and skills in themselves and to nurture those of others.

Learning to lead is integral to a Wilderness education, as it prepares girls for full participation as responsible citizens in an increasingly globalised society.

Our vision of leadership is aligned with our school motto Always True. It is based on the model of Authentic Leadership (George, 2007), leaders who are self-aware, open minded, act with integrity and build high quality relationships. They use their influence to enable others to achieve change for the social good.

Throughout each girl's learning journey, she is entitled and encouraged to undertake a broad range of informal and formal leadership experiences offered within the curriculum and the many, varied activities of School life.

We aim to build upon her understanding and skills of leadership and assist each girl to become a respected leader who acts responsibly with integrity and models ethical behaviour. It is in this way that our students develop the personal attributes and capacity to lead at any level, both wisely and with compassion.

Our leadership learning enhances the growth of each individual and aims to build leadership capability that is congruent with the feminist principle of political, social, legal, cultural and economic equality for all regardless of gender, ethnicity or class. We believe leadership should be empowering, collaborative, inclusive and authentic for all.

Opportunities arise on a daily basis for girls to take leadership roles in class. Subject teachers encourage girls to build on these.

In the junior years, girls are encouraged to take an active role as a leader and work strategically with the other leaders and the Head of Junior School. The Junior Leadership Program offers a wide range of positions of responsibility and roles including:

  • Active for Life Representatives
  • Community Care Representatives
  • Environment Representatives
  • House Captains
  • Junior School Representative Council (JSRC)
  • Student Foundation Representatives
  • Student led assemblies and presentations
  • Year Level Representatives

Wilderness Junior School is one of a select group of schools which form part of the Eastern Schools Leadership Group. This group provides our girls with the opportunity to work collegially with other student leaders from various independent schools across a number of committees including Peer Support, Foundation, Library and ICT.

In the Middle School these opportunities extend to include:

  • Creative Arts Representatives
  • Citizenship Representatives
  • Co-curricular ensemble leaders, team captains and junior coaches.
  • Community Service Representatives
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Program
  • Environment Representatives
  • Middle School Representative Council Executive
  • Sport Representatives
  • Student Foundation Representatives

By the time our girls reach their senior years, they are well equipped to lead a number of committees and clubs across the School, guiding our younger girls while initiating a positive contribution to our community. Leadership opportunities in the Senior School extend to include:

  • Boarding House Captains
  • Careers Committee
  • Citizenship Committee
  • Digital Technology Representative
  • Events and PR Representatives
  • Gate Duty
  • Girl Up Committee
  • Group Dynamics
  • House and Sport Captains
  • House Birthday Co-ordinator(s)
  • House Photographer
  • International Student Ambassador
  • Leaders of the Poetry and Literature Group
  • Leadership Camp
  • Media and Magazine Representative
  • Music Captains
  • New Girls Buddies
  • Round Square School Representatives
  • Student Exchange Program
  • Student Foundation President
  • Student IT Committee
  • Student Representative Council: President, Vice President, Secretary

Formal student leadership is also encouraged through class representation, the House system and student committees across the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools. Student leadership elections link strongly with learning about citizenship and the processes involved in a democracy. All of these leaders are elected by the girls themselves.